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What happens if you miss your Cobra Premium payment?

On June 15, you hobble to the post office on crutches, mailing your late COBRA premium payment well within the 30-day grace period. Your health insurance company has to reinstate your coverage. The reinstated coverage is retroactive to June 1, ensuring that you continue to have seamless coverage.

What happens to Cobra when you get laid off?

For example, let’s say you get laid off on June 15, your coverage is scheduled to end on June 30, and you elect COBRA on August 10. You’ll have another 45 days to pay your first premium (so it will be due September 24), but you’re going to have to get caught up on premiums for July, August, and September at that point.

Who pays for Cobra?

Usually the beneficiary is required to pay the entire cost of COBRA coverage, although a few employers choose to subsidize COBRA.

How do I elect Cobra coverage for my beneficiary?

Qualified beneficiaries must notify the plan administer of their election according to the instructions laid out in the election notice. Qualified beneficiaries must be given an election period of at least 60 days during which each qualified beneficiary may choose whether to elect COBRA coverage.

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