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http sbi lalitha jewellery payment com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How to make payment towards Lalithaa Jewellery Mart scheme?

To make the payment towards the scheme, customers can pay via cash, credit card, electronic clearance service or via local cheque or demand draft favouring Lalithaa Jewellery Mart Pvt. Ltd. Any additional bank charges for bounced cheque will be borne by the customer.

How does the Lalitha Gold Loan Scheme work?

Every installment paid per month will be converted to gold at the prevailing rate. The scheme requires payment for 16 months and Lalithaa will pay the 17th installment upon maturity in gold. The money can also be used to purchase gold coins of 916 purity upon maturity.

What are the advanced saving schemes offered by Lalithaa?

With the advanced saving schemes offered by Lalithaa, purchasing jewellery becomes much easier. This scheme gives customers a smart, easy and safe way to buy or invest in gold. The scheme is also known as the Lalithaa Free Gold Saving Plan.

What jewellery is not covered by the jewellery recycling scheme?

If the customer wishes to purchase jewellery that is not covered under this scheme, they can do so by paying the wastage and making charges. The jewellery not covered in this scheme are special jewellery, cz jewellery, diamond jewellery, platinum jewellery, cz stones, ruby stones, and emerald stones.

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