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http set up a paypal payment link com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How to make a PayPal link?

PayPal accounts are easy to make. Perhaps too easy. That’s why the service puts … If you’re attempting to link a South African bank account to PayPal, you’re going to fail every step of the way, unless your PayPal account has been verified.

How do I get a PayPal link?

To correct this you should:

  1. Log in and link the correct PayPal email to your Streamlabs account in donation settings.
  2. Change your Twitch/YouTube/Mixer/Facebook password and enable two-factor authentication (if available).
  3. Contact PayPal as soon as possible as we cannot make any changes to the donations that were sent to the incorrect PayPal account. …

How to create a PayPal subscription link?

To add subscription options with prices:

  • Click Add a drop-down menu with prices and options to add a drop-down menu with up to 10 subscription options with different prices.
  • Enter a name for the drop-down menu. …
  • Enter a name, the price, and the length of the subscription. …
  • Click Add another option, Remove option, or Done.
  • Preview the drop-down menu in Your customer’s view.

How to create your personal PayPal me link?

  • Choose the photo from your system and then click Save.
  • After you click th e Save button, the next is to create your personal Paypal link. Create a unique link for your needs. …
  • Click Next

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