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Is Star Assurance a composite company?

Star Assurance, which started business as a composite company had to hive off its life business by setting up a subsidiary company, StarLife Assurance, in compliance with the Insurance Law 2006, Act 724. Star Assurance consequently underwrites only general business products including Motor, Fire, Marine, Aviation, Accident, Travel Insurance etc.

How do I contact 5Star life insurance company customer service?

Want more information? 5Star Life Insurance Company is committed to providing the highest level of service. We can be reached on our toll free Customer Service number: 1-866-863-9753 .

What is Star Assurance rated?

Star Assurance is an A rated company by Global Credit Rating of South Africa. Star Assurance has received several nominations and has been a member of the Ghana Club 100 in the past three decades and was adjudged the best insurance company at 2020 Ghana Business Awards and the best customer care award by Ghana Insurance Awards.

Is Star Assurance Ghana’s biggest insurance company?

Within Thirty-Six (36) years of its operations, Star Assurance has emerged as the biggest indigenous private insurance enterprise in terms of assets and indeed among the first three insurance companies in Ghana in terms of premium income.

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