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http steam gift card sms payment com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How do I activate a steam gift card?

The activation process is rather simple: 1 Log in to your Steam account; 2 First, click your account name in the top right of the site, then click Account details; 3 Click Add Funds to your Steam Wallet; 4 Click Redeem a Steam Wallet Code; 5 Enter a 16 digits Steam Gift Card code that you should find in your email; 6 Click Continue. …

What is a steam card?

A Steam card is a digital gift card that holds a specific amount of money, which reaches a Steam Wallet once it is successfully activated. Steam cards vary in the amount of money they hold so choose the desired amount and make your purchase!

Is it possible to add money to steam with SMS?

Adding money to steam with SMS! I have 15 years so i don’t have a credit cartd and here in Bosnia & Herzegovina parents won’t even think about giving money for games.I was thinking that you could make it so that you can send money from your phone to steam ? The pay by phone option has always been a bit problematic for Blizzard and players.

How many games can I buy with a steam gift card?

Add credit to your Steam account with a Steam Gift Card and buy new games from a library with over 7000 games! What is Steam? Steam is the online platform on which gamers can buy not only the newest releases, but classic computer games as well.

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