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What is store&forward and how does it work?

CommBank’s Store & Forward feature means you can keep taking card payments with your EFTPOS terminals, even when your terminal is unable to connect to the bank. How it works Store & Forward offers you the convenience of being able to store up to 100 transactions if your terminal’s connection to the bank drops out.

What is store-and-forward mechanism in payment gateway software?

The purpose of this article is to describe the store-and-forward mechanism implemented in payment gateway software in the cases when transaction processing becomes impossible due to temporary loss of connectivity with the processing “back end” (for instance, a bank) or due to some other errors.

What are the disadvantages of store-and-forward transaction processing?

The disadvantage of store-and-forward mechanism is that, sometimes, once the system is operational and the previously stored transaction is reattempted, it gets declined. The systems which support offline transaction processing have to store credit card numbers for some time.

What happens if I don’t forward my transactions to the bank?

If there are stored transactions on the terminal that haven’t been correctly forwarded to your bank: • Your contactless or pay pass transactions may stop working. • Your terminal receipts will always ask for a signature. • Your terminal may not settle. • Your transactions may not process into your account.

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