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What do our customers say about Valitor?

What our customers say. “Valitor have been a very reliable and approachable company to use. The Flower House does not have a website; however, a lot of people see our Instagram posts and either ring with an order or email. Therefore, having the ability to accept card payments over the phone has really helped the business grow.

What does the Valitor deal mean for Iceland?

The deal size is $100 million and subject to regulatory approval. Valitor is a well-established payments brand and considered one of Europe’s payments leaders, providing both in-store and online payments acceptance solutions as well as card issuing to SMB merchants in Iceland, the U.K. and Ireland, and across Europe.

Why did Rapyd acquire Valitor?

The acquisition of Valitor will complement Rapyd’s existing payment capabilities throughout Europe, as well as enhance its issuing portfolio.

Why choose our payment solutions?

Our reliable payment technology supports you when service is the number one priority. Our payment solutions will support your leisure business, from hotels to golf clubs. The benefits of payment solutions. In today’s business world, easy and secure payment options are crucial for your business to survive and thrive.

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