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How much do veneers cost?

Payment Plan Available: Composite Veneers at $595 each and Porcelain Veneers at $1,200 each (only for package of 6+ veneers). Teeth Whitening Specials!

What type of dental veneers do Sydney dentists offer?

At Sydney CBD Dentistry, we offer both porcelain and composite resin dental veneers to suit different needs and preferences. It is important that you read the information provided by us, as well as having a proper consultation with any dentist. It is the most flexible dental material, both in its usage and characteristics.

How to pay for dental veneers with bad credit?

Cosmetic dental insurance without waiting periods could a safe way for patients with lousy credit to pay for veneers. An adverse history appearing on your consumer report does not prevent you from buying a policy. Payment plans for dental veneers are just another name for financing.

How do I finance veneers?

Even if you do not meet any of those requirements, most dental offices will work with you to develop an affordable payment plan. When faced with choosing how to finance veneers, many people decide to pay with their credit card. If you own several cards, select one with the lowest interest rate.

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