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What is my Bucks? is a web initiative that is typically safe and appropriate for all ages. On My Bucks pages, we discovered that English is the most popular language. Facebook is the social media platform they use the most, receiving roughly 57% of all votes and reposts.

How do I login to the Bucks online classroom platform?

You need to choose “SIGN IN” and log in with your BNU username (studentID, for example, 12345678 and password. Logging into Blackboard requires viewing the Quick Start Guide. The online classroom platform for Bucks is Blackboard Collaborate. Through this platform, you will be able to participate in your remote or online teaching sessions.

What do I do if I am having issues logging into Blackboard?

If you are experiencing trouble logging onto Blackboard, you might need to change your password. To do this, go to our Password Management page. Please get in touch with the IT Service Desk at if you’re still having trouble logging in. On this page, you can access the students’ online learning resources for the aforementioned sources.

How do I get technical support on Blackboard?

Visit the Digital Learning team in N1.12 on the High Wycombe campus or send an email to for all technical help and training inquiries on Blackboard, Blackboard Collaborate, Turnitin, and Medial. Visit our Password Management page if you need to reset your password if you are experiencing trouble logging into Blackboard.


Why can’t I create a session in the blackboard app?

The Session Fingerprint settings for the Blackboard app do not allow for the creation of a new session when the fingerprint changes. An in-app browser (webView), which employs a different user agent than the native app view, is loaded with a number of different forms of material that are not supported in the native UI.

What services does the blackboard app require?

The Blackboard app needs two services—MLCS and mBaaS—to function. The mobile B2 registration service known as MLCS is in charge of managing the school search. The Amazon Web Services service relay known as mBaaS manages the request traffic for the Blackboard app.

How do I enable cross-website tracking for the blackboard app?

Launch the appropriate app to add the “Allow Cross-Website Tracking” option to the iOS Settings menu for each app. Typically, push notifications for announcements are enabled at the system level. To activate “Allow Cross-Website Tracking” for the Blackboard app, please follow the steps below:

Are announcement push notifications available in the blackboard app?

Known Issues with the Blackboard App Push notifications for announcements must be enabled at the system level for Ultra courses In most circumstances, push notifications for announcements are enabled at the system level. In the app or web version of Blackboard Learn, there isn’t a setting that allows users to toggle announcement push notifications on or off at the moment.



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